Mining and power generation have been a backbone to Colorado’s third district since its founding days. The state of Colorado saw fit to decommission all coal powered plants by 2030. Around here, mining is more than an industry, it’s an identity. Fracking oil shale is being sold as an enticing alternative by greedy politicians, when it’s a big fucking threat to our greatest natural resource of all – our WATER! That’s why Kristin will work with industry and government professionals at every level to convert our existing coal powered plants to small nuclear reactors, keeping jobs and energy production at home where it belongs.

Freedom is the backbone of our democracy, and spineless bureaucrats would love to see it ripped from every man, woman, and child who refuse to conform to their vision of the model citizen. It is time to take back our rights from these radical oppressors.  The 9th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the retention of innate freedoms to the people. Kristin will fight for all your liberties. The ones you currently have, and the ones you are being denied. Freedoms like the right to receive appropriate healthcare, the right to be who you are, and the right to make a living as you see fit.


There are bushels of resources being spent to wedge a divide between common people. Our diversity in beliefs and culture is being farcically exaggerated and weaponized against us. The truth is, your neighbor is not your enemy. We must come together and eschew extreme division from all sides! The problem lies in polarizing propaganda put out by the major political parties. Kristin is sick of this shit. Together, we can begin to change the system. Vote independent and unite around our shared values and community strength.

Thank you for your support!!