Kristin Skowronski was born, raised, and currently resides in Craig, CO, with her husband and two cats. Graduating from Moffat County High School in 2004, she attended CSU Pueblo, CNCC, and CMC. Passionate about local business, she worked her way through the ranks at the Little Moon Essentials in Steamboat Springs, CO, ultimately becoming the Director of Operations. When they relocated out-of-state, Kristin chose to stay in Colorado.

A fourth generation Coloradan, Kristin understands the yearning to return to true freedom in land use, water rights, and way-of-life. What works best in urban settings is not best for rural Colorado. The daughter of a coal miner, Kristin is deeply connected to Colorado’s continuing role in energy production. She understands mining is an integral part of our past, and imperative to our future success.

Kristin recognizes the need to not only diversify our rural economies, but also to protect the vast open spaces that make the 3rd district free. This is a fine balancing act requiring buy in and collaboration from all who inhabit these lands.

Kristin listens. She empathizes. She uses the information at her disposal to create real-world solutions for real-world problems. Kristin is a Coloradan – just like you.

Thank you for your support!!